Wine Club

Membership Benefits

As a member of the “Belasco de Baquedano” wine club, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a diverse range of wines with distinct personalities, which are very different one from another and that come from our five wineries located in Spain and Argentina. This option is valid only for residents of Argentina

Wines for all tastes, times and occasions: Young, fresh, fruity, modern wines for enthusiasts; wines for laying down, structured, high-end, innovative and New World wines for connoisseurs… a whole range of sensations to enjoy the very finest of the world of wines from the wide selection offered by the Belasco Family, the most highly awarded winemaking group in the last five years.

Enjoy exclusive and significant discounts on our entire range of wines as well as benefits on all of the Group’s products and wine-tourism activities.

  • Special 40% discount on the purchase of products from our winery
  • 20% discount in following orders.
  • An exclusive selection of wines only available to club members.
  • Free home delivery service for case of 6 bottles or bulk orders, from the purchase of two (2) boxes.
  • Exclusive invitations to the main events:Wine tasting events, new product launches and other activities organised by the winery.
  • Quarterly newsletter with privileged information about the Group’s latest news and new product launches as well as offers and special lots for our members.
  • Possibility of organising work meetings, conferences and family gatherings at Bodegas Belasco de Baquedano, depending on availability.

The only condition for club membership is a minimum yearly order of 18 bottles of wine selected from the wide range of “Belasco Family” wines.

Discounts will be applied from the first six bottles purchased.


Welcome to the Club, Welcome to the Family.